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Orthotics for sport, injury and pain management

Sports medicine means working with you to keep you at the top of your game, performing at your best, and free of pain and injury. Orthotics are an important part of sports, injury and pain management and allow you to get back [...]

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Splints & Braces For The Lower Limb

Splints and braces can optimise your recovery and help you feel more comfortable on your feet.     To complement your orthotics and as part of your treatment plan, we have an extensive range of braces and splints to optimise [...]

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Footwear & Footwear Modification

  Shoes have a significant impact both on your feet and on the way that your orthotics function. Footwear is one of those things that while worn daily, the important functions of which are often poorly understood or recognised. They’re [...]

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Orthotics for Adults

  Foot orthotics support stressed and tired joints and muscles, correct poor foot function, help to relieve your pain, and help heal and prevent injuries. Whether you refer to them as foot orthotics, orthoses or inserts – these brilliant medical [...]

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Orthotics for Children

Kids orthotics help promote healthy growth, development and their recovery from injury      We love seeing kids healthy and happy, running around, playing with their friends and doing all the wonderful things that kids do. This is why we specialise [...]

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Orthotics for Arthritis & Diabetes

While the pain from conditions like osteoarthritis is caused by damage and degeneration within the joint, orthotics can go along the way to helping reduce the pain and improve your daily comfort. They do this by reducing the shock and [...]

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