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Orthotics for Children

Kids orthotics help promote healthy growth, development and their recovery from injury 



We love seeing kids healthy and happy, running around, playing with their friends and doing all the wonderful things that kids do. This is why we specialise in kids feet, kids orthotics, and welcome children of all ages into the practice. No child is too young to be seen by a podiatrist and put on track to healthy growth and development.


Our proactive approach to kids Podiatry recognises that pain doesn’t occur for no reason and that while the traditional approach may be to wait it out and hope that the pain resolves, we are able to treat the feet and use orthotics to correct biomechanical abnormalities so that kids can get back to playing and exploring without being hindered by pain and discomfort.


With so many changes regularly happening to growing feet and legs, it can be really difficult to tell what is and isn’t normal when it comes to kids feet. It’s normal to feel uncertain when observing kids feet pointing inwards, outwards or appearing to have flat arches. Children can suffer growing pains, sore heels and sore knees. Thankfully, orthotics are able to help with all of these conditions and more, helping kids get back on track to healthy growth and development and back to doing the things they love. Orthotics are prescribed as part of a treatment plan and are designed with a particular purpose and function, specific to a child’s symptoms. 



Kids orthotics can help with:


  • Walking/gait abnormalities
  • Pains and aches in the feet or legs
  • Growing pains
  • Regular tripping and falling
  • Keeping up with friends on the sports field
  • Uneven shoewear
  • Tired, achy legs after physical activity
  • Abnormal foot or leg position
  • Any another problems or abnormalities with the feet and legs
  • Supporting healthy growth and development
  • Facilitating the healing of injuries
  • Relieving areas of high-pressure
  • Helping with stability issues


Just like for adults, kids orthotics are designed specifically for their feet. Depending on the pain, problem or their needs, we can either create completely custom-orthotics made from an impression of their feet that can last them years (depending on their rate of growth!), or short-term orthotics that are customised for their feet.


Unlike adults, who tend to be more sensitive to the changes beneath their feet as they first start to wear orthotics, we find that kids adjust to orthotics very quickly and without any issues. We fit orthotics to a variety of kids shoes, particularly sneaker-type kids shoes, and will discuss this with you during your consultation.